VISION QUEST - The Hero's Journey
"You are a hero and carry within you a gift for your people. This gift is a blessing that can fuel a dream, create an abundant life, and even change the world. We are living in an age, like many before, which could use a few heroes. Perhaps your time has come."
~Tom Anderson in his book, Your Place In The World - Creating a life of vision, purpose, and service.  This is a great book to read prior to embarking on a Vision Quest.  I highly recommend it!  Even if you do not choose to take a Vision Quest, this book can be a great substitute.  But by doing this, you greatly limit your opportunities of self-exploration, self-discovery, and an experience you'll cherish for the rest of your days on this earth.
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Mr. Anderson was one of the guides present during the Vision Quest that I attended with the company. Rites of Passage.  My Vision Quest was a nine-day journey on The Continental Divide, located in Saguache, Colorado, which is about 4.5 hours southwest of Denver.  This place will always be so profoundly special to me.  And although I am no longer walking those great mountains of my Vision Quest, or sitting in my place of solitude, I am still fully aware that my Vision Quest continues today.
A Vision Quest was a Native American ceremony where young teenage boys were cast out of their tribe into solitude with the goal of discovering the gifts they were born with, and their Life Purpose.  These gifts are impossible to lose, and impossible to learn.  They are the gifts that you express in everything you do.  The Life Purpose is their calling into this world.  It's what they are supposed to do before they die or leave this earth.  These young Native American boys would not be permitted to rejoin their tribe until their Life Purpose was revealed to them.  The revelation of their Life Purpose was achieved when they would sit with themselves in their place of solitude and cry for a vision.  This place of solitude was a place without any distractions, giving them the ability to sit with their fear, personal pain, and yearning, so that they could discover thier Life Purpose.
A Vision Quest is often referred to as The Hero's Journey.  It is the journey, or rite of passage one takes to discover what their gifts are, and ultimately, what their Life Purpose is.  It can also be a very powerful way to acknowledge, mourn, welcome, and celebrate important life transitions which can empower us in a new beginning with a career change, an actual or symbolic birth or death, a marriage or divorce, and finally, the transition from childhood to adulthood.
There are many different types Vision Quests available and each are filled with indigenous ceremonies and beliefs.  There are men’s, women’s, couples, and even a youth Vision Quest.  There are three parts to a Vision Quest; Severance, Threshold, and The Return.  Severance, the first stage, begins as soon as you commit to going on a Vision Quest.  The Threshold, the second part, can be seen as life in concentrated form experienced in the Sacred World of the Quest, the world of Spirit. And the third part, The Return.  This is often a time of joy and illumination.  The great trial has been endured, tempering and awakening your spirit.  Your direction is now homeward, back to friends, family, job and responsibilities.  Incorporation means taking on each of these “bodies” again, stepping with awareness and care, back into the currents of your life.  I encourage you to visit to learn more. Or start your own research on Vision Quest to see what bubbles up for you and embarking on the Hero’s Journey.
The purpose, or the main reason to go on The Hero’s Journey (Vision Quest) is to discover your Life Purpose.  This happens by sitting with yourself without any distractions.  This means removing any distraction we use to distract ourselves from the pain and/or yearning for not knowing our Life Purpose.  According to David Deida, it is the masculine’s deepest desire to discover their life purpose.  Why am I here?  What is this life for?  And it is the feminine’s deepest desire to be, give, and receive love. We all have masculine and feminine with in us. We are both.  There is a masculine pole and a feminine pole within each of us.  We also have the entire spectrum available to us between each of those poles.  It is important to realize that as men and women, we have both of those desires; learning our life purpose and the giving and receiving of love.   It’s making sure you do not confuse your dominant essence, your natural sexual essence, with your capacity to be masculine or feminine.  According to David Deida, doing so confuses yourself, your intimate partner, and attracts an intimate partner who is equally confused.  More on that in my coaching and my blog posts.
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It is my belief that the path back to a man's masculinity is through the discovery of his Life Purpose.  The masculine's deepest desire is to know it's purpose.  For a man to get in touch with his true core he must discover his Life Purpose.  A man having direction in his life will also have direction in his relationship with his woman.  This gives her the ability to relax in his focus and direction thus allowing her true feminine sexual essence to flow freely.  To learn more about Life Purpose, please visit my Life Purpose Coaching page on this website.
"Without a conscious life-purpose a man is totally lost, drifting, adapting to events rather than creating events. Without knowing his life-purpose a man lives a weakened, impotent existence, perhaps eventually becoming even sexually impotent, or prone to mechanical and disinterested sex."
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The way I learned about what a Vision Quest was, and how it made itself known to me, was by first reading about it in Karen Brody’s book, Open Her.  My quest, yearning, or pain to understand what it meant to be masculine, what it meant to be feminine, and to truly understand what a woman desired in a man, brought me to Karen’s book.  It is also a known fact that one of the most attractive qualities in the masculine to the feminine is the masculine being on his path of purpose.  I can share more on that subject, but that’s not what this page is about.  Anyway… In her book, she talks about how it is important for a man to have a vision and how you should stop perusing women all together because most likely you are using the pursuit of women as a petty distraction from the pain of not knowing your life purpose.  This distraction is something I deal with to this day, even after my Life Purpose has been revealed to me.  I know that one of my purposes in this life is to be a great husband and an even better father.  It was something to realize for me that even one of my purposes has the power to distract me from my Life Purpose, and how they are closely related or tied to each other.  After reading about Vision Quests in Karen’s book, I immediately started researching Vision Quests. During my research I discovered This organization and their message resonated with me deeply and I booked my Men’s Vision Quest for June 2016 in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.
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My experience was a very liberating experience. It was the death of an old life and the rebirth of a new one. My Vision Quest was a very liberating experience where I was able to honor, love, and appreciate, my childhood past.  It was truly an experience of walking out of my childhood and into adulthood as a man. This is something I believe our society has lost and must return to.  We need to start ceremonially bringing our young boys out of childhood and into manhood.  This will have such a positive impact on our communities and our country, and ultimately help our men be better husbands, fathers, brothers, and friends. A great example of what I am talking about here can be read about in Brian Tome’s book, Five Marks of a Man.
My Life Purpose coaching product is designed to get men on their path of discovering their Life Purpose.  I'm not able to guarantee to the men I work with that their Life Purpose will be revealed to them, but I can guarantee that I can assist them with their discovery, and be the flashlight on the path of their search.  Each person has their own unique time table that relates to their gift, the pain or yearning, and their individual life path and experiences.  I believe that once a man is aware of his Life Purpose work, it gives him the ability to be enough for himself.  It assists him in the ability of discovering effortless happiness and confidence, inward validation rather than outward validation, no more approval seeking energy, and less affected by the women who come in to his life and then decide to leave it.  My Life Purpose Coaching program is also designed to prepare a man to embark on an actual Vision Quest.
I wanted to finish off this page with additional perspectives on a Vision Quest and why to take one from David Deida's book, Intimate Communion - Awakening Your Sexual Essence.
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In Mr. Deida's book, a Vision Quest can be utilized by a man to rediscover himself, his true purpose, and authentic way of life.  His life may have become over burdened with unauthentic obligations, burdens, and habits.  Or he may have just completed a monumental task or purpose, and now his life feels empty.  He's not confused, just all of his business is now finished and no other business has made itself aware to him.  He must let go of everything old, rediscover his true purpose and authentic way of life, and then re-engage his relationships in a new and refreshed way.
Mr. Deida explains that anyone with a Masculine sexual essence must temporarily leave daily habits of an intimate relationship to discover its own authenticity.  However, it is important to discriminate between a true quest and the desire to merely avoid commitment and responsibility.  If a man is seeking isolation to create more comfort in his life, he is probably hiding.  A true vision quest is not comfortable at all, it's an ordeal.  it involves facing your true fears as well as your true desires.  "When a man is on an authentic vision quest, he is stripped of all his distractions and faces the true color of his bones, the true sound of his heart, alone, without work or woman to occupy him."
Mr. Deida continues...  "When a man leaves an unpleasant situation to enjoy the immunity of solitude, he is only escaping growth.  He is avoiding responsibility.  He may be think he is starting over, but nothing has really changed.  He is just removing himself from the game he is already failing."  My coaching products for Life Purpose discovery will insure that you are not making these mistakes.  That indeed, you are ready to genuinely and authentically embark on the Hero's Journey from a place within that is of a field freshly plowed and ready for amazing growth.  And when you return, we can continue our work together by harvesting those fields of all the great lessons that Grandfather/Grandmother nature has helped you to grow.
The way to hire me as your Life Purpose Coach is by first purchasing my Life Purpose Discovery eBook.  This eBook will educate you about Life Purpose and get you to a point where you are coachable.  It is also our map that helps us manage time, direction, and duration of the Life Purpose program.