Authentic self, llc meet up group - northern KY / greater cincinnati

Date: Sunday, August 12, 1:30-4:30
location: Join the meet up to discover location

Workshops, seminars, and book club meet-ups on Life Purpose Discovery, understanding masculine and feminine essences, learning how to discover your sexual essence, and dating | relationship | intimacy discussions.

Book club events with an emphasis on topics such as dating, relationships, and intimacy.

This Meet Up is for couples and singles. This material will help you whether your single, or in an existing relationship!

If you're single, this Meet Up will help you to discover how to setup your dating apps, and offer your energy in your everyday life so that you can attract the person of your dreams!

If you're in an existing long term committed relationship, this Meet Up will help you to discover ways on how to make your intimacy together fulfilling and satiating.

Our Meet Ups will serve the purpose of having fun, meeting new people, and discussing the ups and downs of romantic relationships.

I hope you will join us for all the fun, friendship, and amazing conversation!