Book Review - Readers are leaders

Readers are Leaders... what books are you reading these days? Were you aware of the fact that the average CEO reads over four to five books per month? That’s an astonishing 60 books a year!  The books listed above were the most impactful in my life from left to right.  The books listed below are links to the books I've read.  And if there is a review available, you can reach it by clicking on the book.  All of these books are related to, what I believe, will assist men and women on achieving and sustaining family and love in their life.
Are you aware of the fact that physically reading a book as opposed to listening to the audio version of it will deepen the learning and build longer lasting neural pathways in your brain?
Most, if not everyone I talk to about reading books have given up on reading because they either don’t want to make the time for it, or complain of ADHD like symptoms making retainage and comprehension feel impossible to them.
I’ve discovered two tricks that worked for me in regards to making reading a book enjoyable and worthwhile. The first one I discovered from one of my mentors Tai Lopez.
1. Read chapters one and two and then the last chapter. Tai says that the author typically will fill those first two chapters with all their ideas and theories they are trying to sell you on. Then read the last chapter as they summarize and offer more golden nuggets of information related to the subject matter. I do this only if chapters 1 & 2 didn’t keep my attention. After reading the last chapter I will then turn to the table of contents and then read relevant chapters pertaining to my life experience. This will also eliminate being tied to a book feeling like a failure for not reading it in its entirety.
2. Read books in highly sense stimulating environments with ear buds in while listening to your favorite music. This puts the brain under high levels of stress making comprehension almost impossible. The prize here is when you are in a quiet place, the brain will be like, I got this! This environment is much easier for comprehension and your confidence level to soak in the material is so elevated!
So read! Read! Read!
I will share another tip to help with retaining the information you're reading.  I will read a book for the first time by the means and methods I have explained above.  The second time I read the book, if I have not already done so, I will highlight, text notes into my notepad app on my iPhone, or type the information I want to retain into One Note or Evernote.  Both of these programs have Apps available for your cell phone or tablet.  The feature I appreciate most about those Apps is the ability to "voice to text" information out of the book right into the note taking App.  In addition to that, when I want to recall information during conversation with someone, I can type a word into the search bar of the One Note or Evernote App, and it will bring up every instance of that word across all the notes I have entered into the App.  Over time, I have noticed the action of recalling information in these Apps is another way to lock the information into your own personal memory.
In my experience, being well read has many benefits.  The one I value most is the ability to participate in group discussions, or one on one conversations with people on topics I enjoy the most.  It also gives others the perception that I am an interesting, intelligent, and insightful individual.  In other words, I am a man of value rather than a man of success.
The following books have all been read.  If there is a review available, you can access it by clicking on the book.  Inside the review will be a link to purchase the book on Amazon if it is available.  Some books may reflect a very high purchase price.  This is due to the book being out of print.  Shoot me an e-mail and I can offer other purchasing options for you.  But...  I'd appreciate it if you purchase the book via the link I have provided as it is part of my affiliate program with Amazon.  Those proceeds are used to fund this website, and the scholarship programs I have available for the betterment of life for men and women who want to achieve family and love in their lives.
Clicking on a book cover will take you to one of two places. 
One:  My review page for the book I have created with a link to purchase the book from Amazon.  Information about the author, their website if one exists, and of course my review of the book.  I will lso be providing a link to the Audible audio book as well.
Two:  If my review is not available yet, you will be taken directly to Amazon where you can purchase the book and/or read other reviews.