Sexual Essence Discovery

Sexual Essence Discovery Guide - The road map to finding LOVE.

Also FREE with the purchase of one hour of coaching.
This eBook guide wil help you to discover your natural sexual essence and how to use it so that you and your partner can create a fulfilling and satiating long term committed relationship.  If you're single, it will give you awareness on how to be, or how to hold your context, so that you are able to attract your sexual essence reciprocal into a long term committed relationship.  If there is one eBook that has the potential to change your life forever, it's this one.  There is one on one coaching available for this product and can be reached at the end of the eBook.
Sexual Essence Discovery.
Review of Masculine | Feminine Essences and their characteristics.
How to amplify your essence so that you create the experience of being magnetic. 
How to instantly amplify your sexual energy.
How to manage your essence to effectively fend off unwanted affection and attraction.
And much, much more.