Life Purpose Discovery

eBook guide on how to discover your Life Purpose

Also FREE with your purchase of one hour of coaching.
This eBook product is 40 page guide designed to help a person discover their Life Purpose.  A man's mission, his Life Purpose, is the path back to his masculinity. His ability to bring masculine presence to his life and his lover, and is his most attractive quality to his woman, especially if that woman identifies with his Life Purpose.  This eBook product is my favorite because it has the potential to help a man achieve the life he's always wanted to live.  Life Purpose is our true destiny.  If you have a life, then their is a purpose.
Although this eBook is for both men and women, I believe my Life Purpose Discovery program can be one of the paths back to a man's masculinity.  I can't guarantee that you will discover your Life Purpose after you complete the eBook or during our work together.  However, I can guarantee that I can set you on your path to discovering your Life Purpose and that you will be well on it when our work together comes to an end.
One on one coaching is available for this product during evenings and weekends.  The link to schedule coaching exists at the end of the eBook!
How to discover your Life Purpose.
How I discovered my Life Purpose.
What purpose and Life Purpose are.
What it's like to not know your Life Purpose.
Obstacles and Challenges around Life Purpose discovery.
Occupational Journal
Discover your natural gifts that you were born with.
Guided inner journey's and meditations.
What to do after you discover your Life Purpose.
Learn how to schedule your day around your Life Purpose.
What a Vision Quest is and how to prepare for one.
And much, much more.