My Experience of The Sterling Men's Weekend

By TJ Dunhoft on 02/05/2018 5:35 PM

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This blog post is written around my experience of The Sterling Men's Weekend (SMW) hosted by the Sterling Institute of Relationships (SIR).  I will be discussing some of the lessons learned that I valued most and the impact attending the event has had on my life.  A link to the SIR website has been provided through the image on the left.
The purpose of the SMW is what solidified my decision to participate participate in the event event.
"To engage in the process of locating the source of your power and discovering and dissolving the barriers between you and manifesting that power so that you experience total freedom as only a man can and with that freedom be the man you always wanted to be."
I learned about SIR and SMW from a man I met at a Meetup event in Lexington, KY.  In order to attend the SMW, you will need a man who has attended the event.  This man shared with me what he got from attending and the transformation in his life achieved.  Later that evening I went home and clicked my way on to the website.  Nine hours later, I registered and paid in full.
I'd like you to read that statement a few times before proceeding on to the rest of this blog post.  Let it sink and sear into your core.  "The source of your power", "dissolving barriers", "manifesting that power", "total freedom", and finally, "be the man you always wanted to be".  Those words resonated very deeply with me and generated a lot of excitement and anticipation of the event.  When I showed up in May of 2017 in Newburgh, NY, I'd already attended a nine-day vision quest in The Rocky Mountains, and I had also already received my coaching diploma from CTI.  CTI is short for The Coaches Training Institute and is where I obtained my coaching diploma.  I felt that I was ready, and very eager to learn, and... for me, this was the icing on top of my cake of "self-help and personal development" I had been working on for the better part of six years.
The image with the men in it is a link to SMW's page on the SIR website.  Click on that if you would like to learn more about the event.
I was so excited and pumped about attending that I neglected to do any research on The Institute or Justin Sterling before attending.  That may have been a dumb move on my part, but I trusted the man that introduced me to the SMW, and I appreciated his recommendation.  It's not very often you meet a person in your everyday life that identified with and was aware of masculine and feminine essence.  This alone gave me the ability to trust his recommendation of attendance.
It wasn't until after attending the weekend and embracing my new freedom that I was made aware of all the negative press and reviews around SIR and SMW.  One can do a quick Google Search to see all the negative publicity surrounding the institute and its event.  Web pages that make accusations of SIR being a cult, and other isolated reviews of men who seem to be offended by the message Mr. Sterling is trying to convey around heterosexual relationships between men and women.  I believe it's safe to assume that those men either didn't make it to their weekend, or if they did, didn't make it through.  I believe their disgruntled review may be an expression to how feminized they may be, but I couldn't say for certain.  I can only speak for myself and my experience. However, it really disappoints me to see men talk bad about this event, or slander the men and women of SIR, and the programs offered.  This is one of the reasons I wanted to offer my experience of attendance.  I got so much out of it, and I see so many men today that I know would personally benefit for attending.  It saddens me to think that someone's negative review has the power to potentially prevent a man from taking that first step of locating the source of his power.  If you happen to be one of those men who are reading this blog post and are afraid to commit due to negative reviews, please reach out to one of us graduates before writing it off.  You can also contact SIR if you have any questions at the following phone number, (510)836-1400.
The cost of the event is ridiculously inexpensive compared to the amount of money I had spent on previous coaches, seminars, and workshops.  Compared to other events and programs in this industry, cost should not be a reason for choosing not to attend.  It's the best $600 I've invested in myself for my personal growth and development.  It was though SIR/SMW where I met my circle of men, but more on that within a different blog post.
I want to share some of the lessons that I learned during the weekend that I value most.  I believe these are just a few of the lessons that are greatly contributing to my ability to live at my edge, and experience total freedom so that I am being the man I've always wanted to be.  Since leaving this event I noticed that I am more concerned about the respect of a woman rather than her approval.  I won't go any further with this one because respect means different things to different people.  I can tell you that my relationships with women have benefited greatly with making just this one shift in perception alone.  How do you earn respect?  And... what does respect of a woman mean to you?  Be careful here that you don't confuse earning respect with being an asshole.  There's a huge difference and the results for being one or the other are monumentally different as well.
I can also say that I am more focused on my commitments and less on my addictions.  My level of productivity, or the rate of accomplishing goals in my life has extremely increased.  What I find most rewarding about my shift of attention is the increased sense of freedom I now have which gives me a better context for no problem.  I have also noticed a connection between the quality of my life and how it's related to the extent at which I am involving my emotions in it, or how emotional I am being.  The more I limit the presence of my emotions in my life, the better my life is.  And It's this awareness that helps me to eliminate the fear and doubt that normally would surface during times of indecision and noncommittal contexts.  Eliminating fear and doubt from my life gives me the power and confidence I need to move forward on my path and decide quickly and assertively.
I'm am most thankful for how my relationship with my family improved, particularly the one I had with my father.  We didn't have a bad relationship to begin with, but the bond my father and I share was strengthened for my attendance of the SMW.  If I had to only choose one thing.  One lesson around my SMW, this would easily be my choice.
There are so many more lessons and huge takeaways I could list out here.  If you desire  to learn about more of them and how they can affect your life, then eliminate the fear and doubt and register today!  Take action and be one step closer to living the live that you are fully capable of living as a man in this world.  It needs more of us!
Before I end this blog post, I want to share how attending The Sterling Men's Weekend has impacted my life.  I crossed paths with SIR/SMW at a point in my life where I'd already been doing the work on myself so that I could manifest the woman of my dreams into my life and start a family.  Some men show up at this place way more injured than I was.  For me...  SIR was the icing on my cake of self-help and personal development.  I was familiar with a lot of the information, wisdom, and technology that Mr. Sterling was offering, but there was so much I was either overlooking, or wasn't even on my radar.  Today I am a man living at his edge, and SIR is certainly a big part of that.  I know who I am, what I want, and where I am going - and that feels great!  It's been a lot of work, and I know that this path of self-improvement is a path without a destination, and I'm OK with that.
A man needs his circle of men!  A man without his men is in jeopardy chasing away the woman of his dreams.  Whether he's already got her, or he's on that path searching for her.  A man without his men often motivates him to emotionally vent on his woman.  This is by far the biggest complaint I hear women tell me about their man today.  "He's always complaining about this or about that.  He's never happy.  He's the most pessimistic person I know."  So men...  Find your men!  One way to do that is through your attendance and exposure to The Sterling Men's Weekend.  It's a process you just have to trust.  Don't wait any longer.  Your future self... your future King... will be so grateful that you did.
For more information visit The Sterling Institute of Relationships today, or call (510)836-1400.  Tell'm DUNHOFT sent you!
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