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By TJ Dunhoft on 11/13/2017 6:08 PM

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In today's society, the terms masculine and feminine have become very cliche.  As a matter of fact, when I bring these terms up to men and women, the majority of women automatically believe I am referring somehow to their rights, and most men automatically go to the alpha male mentality where they believes they have the freedom and permission to be an asshole to women.
In this blog post I am going to try to generate some awareness around what it means to be or have a masculine essence.  What it means to be or have a feminine essence.  Some basic qualities and  characteristics.  The benefits to knowing for knowing this information and how it relates to the life of the relationship.
I am writing this blog post from the perspective of a masculine sexual essence heterosexual man.  Even though gender has nothing to do with masculine and feminine, I will often refer to these energies by substituting man for masculine, and woman for feminine.  As men and women, we all have an internal masculine and an internal feminine.  There are men who have a dominating feminine energy, and there are also woman who possess a dominate masculine energy.  These energies, not sexually speaking, are the Yin and the Yang.  This Universe is setup in a way that in order for anything to exist, it's opposite must exist as well.  There is a positive charge and a negative charge, an "innie" and an "outie".  If you are familiar with the art of tantric sex, you may also be aware of the positive and negative inner poles of a man and a woman.  I have provided links to books on Amazon at the bottom of this post if you would like to learn more about the art of Tantric Sex.  If your sex life with your intimate partner needs a jump start, I'd highly recommend doing some research and study around Tantra.
The positive and negative charge cause a polarity and/or a magnetism.  This charge between a man and a woman is often referred to as chemistry, sexual energy, or a sexual attraction.  But ultimately it is sexual polarity between the masculine and feminine poles, and without it in an intimate relationship between a man and a woman, it's fair to say that the life of that relationship is also none existent or gone.  Dried up.  There's an image showing the internal positive and negative poles.
Sexual polarity, and knowing your natural sexual essence, must be taken seriously whether in a long term committed relationship (LTCR), or you're single and trying to attract your sexual essence reciprocal.  Knowing masculine and feminine qualities gives you the information on how to create the magnetism, sexual energy, chemistry, or sexual polarity.  But more importantly, having an awareness on how, or ways to amplify your masculine essence / feminine essence, give you the ability to create a magnetic attraction with your sexual essence reciprocal.  Here are just a few quick ways to amp your natural essence.  I offer a lot more in my Sexual Essence Discovery product which can be downloaded/purchased by clicking on the eBook cover image.
Masculine - Take a self defense class, meditate, eat food such as spaghetti without silverware, and get into competition with another male.  I have more of these listed in my Sexual Essence product.
Feminine - Take a pole dancing class, take a warm bath, experience pleasure in/on your body such as feeling a cool breeze rush around your naked legs, finger paint, and dancing. I have more of these listed in my Sexual Essence product.
Doing these tasks will naturally amplify your native energy.  Depending on how high the vibrational energy is that you are giving off, as well as how close to the same level you are vibrating with a reciprocal, your reciprocal will feel you and experience your energy and the magnetic polarity between you as soon as you are in the same room together.  The higher your natural energy is vibrating, the more attractive you become to your reciprocal.  I have an exercise outlined in my Sexual Essence product on how to amplify your sexual energy for the sole purpose of creating sexual attraction with others.
Some of the reasons why men and women don't stay true to there natural masculinity / femininity, usually has to do with a pain they experienced at some point in their lives.  This pain is the motivation to create what David Deida refers to as shells.  These shells prevent us from truly being able to live freely with ourselves and our energy.  It's also the reason why you resonate a romantic partner that isn't really built for you and the ideal romantic relationship you desire to be in.  The sooner you can get comfortable with your natural essence, the sooner your life and the relationships that exist in it will benefit for the better.
Knowing what it means to be masculine and what it means to be feminine, I believe are very important when it comes to insuring the survival of an intimate romantic relationship between a man and a woman.  I also believe it's more important for the masculine to be aware of this information more so than it is for the feminine for the simple fact that Masculine Energy is decisive and leading, and Feminine Energy is indecisive and desires to be lead.  In a long term committed relationship, both the man and the woman knowing the importance of, an how to offer their energy to one another so that in sustains the highest level of polarity between them.  One or both learning about this information can also be the saving grace to a failing LTCR.
Men are thinkers and women are feelers.  One of the biggest reasons I see men fail in the dating scene with women, or the ability to pick a woman up, is because most men believe that women think as if they are men.  It's hands down the biggest misconception men have about women.  Women feel everything.  They are e-motion.  Which is energy in motion.  They have the ability to feel everyone else's emotions including their own, and often at the same time.  So I tell the men I work with, she's a feeler not a thinker like you.  She feels everything in her body, including your approval and pleasure seeking energy you reek of when you approach her while being outcome dependent with the goal of getting something from her.  It's likely she's already felt your presence even before you walked into the same building she was already in.
If you're in a long term committed relationship with a woman, you should just tell her the truth from the beginning.  The better she knows you, the better her ability to feel whether the information you are telling her is accurate and indeed truthful or not.  So she's going to know pretty quickly if you're lying to her or not.  She's always going to be testing you to determine if you're being honest and if you're aligned with your truest of intentions and integrity.  So tell her the damn truth.  Save yourself and her the drama.  You should be more concerned with your woman's respect more so than her approval.  Lying to her tells her by your actions more so than by your words that you're more concerned about getting her approval.  That may work for a little while, but that's not a sustainable approach to insuring a high level of sexual polarity exists between you.
Ever hear the saying that men are always in their heads?  It's because we are naturally thinkers.  It takes a lot for us to get out of our heads.  As a matter of fact, it generally takes the radiance of our women to get us out of our heads.  This is one of the reasons why a man's circle of men are so important.  These men are likely there to call a man out on his BS and also to hold him accountable.  It's critically important that a man have at least one man friend that he can rely on to hold him accountable.  These types of relationships are generally referred to as accountability partners.  If you don't have one, you should seriously look into getting one.  It will greatly affect your relationship with your woman.  Physically and emotionally.
Masculine qualities include direction, ability to incredibly be able to focus on one thing without being distracted, assertiveness, consciousness, have strength and being able to get from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Feminine qualities include nurture, care giving, love, love making, submissiveness, desire to be supported, a desire to be lead, and free flowing movement and radiance.
The following are book links for Tantric Sex.  If you desire to turn the heat up in your bedroom and in your intimacy with your partner, then these books will certainly accomplish that.  If you're single, reading the study and research of this information will see you apart from your competition.  However, I do NOT recommend Tantric Sex until you are well within a trusted LTCR.  This technology is centered around creating a deep connection with your lover.  It is highly likely that your woman will form a deep level of attachment after a few sessions of Tantric Sex.  If this bond is established, the woman is likely to experience a tremendous amount of pain and heartbreak if you decide you want to end the relationship.  Make sure you two are meant for this type of love making.  Just like in any intimacy, there must be a high level of respect, trust, and love, where communication between the two of you sometimes seems effortless.
Reading for Him | Reading for Her | Reading for Them
The other books I'd like to leave here for your reading consideration on the subject matter are in order of what I consider from best to better:
Those books hands down will amplify sexual polarity between you and your woman.  I'd recommend you and your woman read them together as a way for you two to have something to talk about with each other.  And... well, you'll soon figure out the other likely result for doing so.
Each of those books will soon have a review in the Book Review section of this website.
That's it for today's blog post.  I hope you enjoyed it and that you found it very informative regarding the purpose of achieving and sustaining family and love in your life.
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