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By TJ Dunhoft on 01/07/2019 6:44 PM

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Purpose discovery is a masculine character trait. You can quickly recognize someone engaging their masculine essence if they are requesting clarification around the purpose of something. For example, "what's the purpose of this phone call"? "What's the reason you are calling me?" "Get to your point please." "I wonder why that person did that?" Those are just a few examples of a person desiring awareness around purpose.

According to David Deida, "one of the deepest desires of a masculine sexual essence person is knowing its Life Purpose." When a man, or masculine sexual essence person, is aware of their life purpose, that man is centered around his intentions and integrity. This man is well grounded in masculine core because he knows who he is, what he wants, and where he is going.

Notice I used "masculine" in the first paragraph, and "masculine sexual essence" in the second paragraph. The majority of men identify with masculine sexual essence, and... I believe it's worth noting here that I have yet to meet a man who is not. It's also important to recognize here that our sexual essence, whether masculine or feminine, doe snot have anything to do with our gender, and even our sexual preference. The majority of women identify with a feminine sexual essence, and once again, I have yet to meet a woman who is not oriented that way.

The purpose of that last paragraph... see what I did there? ;) ... is to also make you aware that a women also can have a Life Purpose. A woman's awareness of her Life Purpose is an expression of her having a well liberated masculine essence. Liberated in the sense that she is a whole person having both masculine and feminine essence, and identifies with feminine sexual essence. Or... it is also possible that the awareness of her Life Purpose could also be an expression of her masculine sexual essence if that is indeed what she identifies with.

The following are important facts to be aware of regarding masculine/feminine essences... and... masculine/feminine sexual essences.
1. Each person has a masculine and feminine essence making them a whole person.
2. These natural essences do NOT have anything to do with your gender, sexuality, and sexual preference.
3. Knowing the virtues, characteristics, and character traits of both masculine and feminine will give a person a better ability to better know/understand themselves, their intimate partner, their children, and family and friends. And better yet, how to offer their energy in a way that is fulfilling to you and the other person in any relationship in your life. This will also greatly affect the sustainability of the relationship because each person is being loved how they prefer to be loved in the intimacy, whether it's a colleague, friend, family member, or intimate partner.
4. Knowing your sexual essence is paramount to resonating/attracting your reciprocal sexual essence intimate partner to your life.
5. Finally... Not confusing your capacity to be your reciprocal essence with your natural, born disposition of your sexual essence. This is the number one cause to the following two experiences: A person being hopelessly single. Or... Someone saying the following words in an existing intimacy or romantic relationship, "I know I love my (wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend), but I'm not in love with them."

To take Life Purpose one step further, one of the most attractive qualities of the masculine to the feminine is the masculine aware of, and doing the work of its Life Purpose. Passionate, committed, focused, and confidant men who express leadership by their actions and not their words are highly attractive to women.

Zan Perrion, in his book, The Alabaster Girl, says that the one thing women are attracted to in men is beauty. And that beauty in men is, "a lifelong devotion to a personal passion, a passion larger than him, larger than her, larger than the whole wide world, a passion that radiates that radiates from his pores until the day he dies."

Life Purpose Discovery is the path back to a man's masculinity. When a man knows his Life Purpose, he soon realizes that his identity is integrated within his Life Purpose. This gives him the ability to know who he is, know what he wants, and know where he is going. Life Purpose Discovery is something I touch on with all the men I coach, but with my male dating clients, it's the majority of our focus.

When a men and women know their mission in life, they no longer need to be worried or concerned about what to say on a first date. With my men, I tell them, "stop worrying about what to say and just talk about your Life Purpose." When he does this, he is passionate, is oriented optimistically, and she finds him naturally attractive.

What's even better in this scenario, is when he crosses paths with a woman who identifies whit his Life Purpose. When this happens, the couple is instantly sexually polarized for one another. It's in this type of relationship that the two of them can passionately co-create a wonderful life together. This is the recipe for "The Power Couple" some rarely have the opportunity to meet.
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