Ravishment - How to Kiss a Woman

By TJ Dunhoft on 02/24/2018 4:00 AM

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Warning!  The above video may be a little graphic and offensive to you if sensuality makes you squirmy and uncomfortable.  It does not have any nudity in it.  However, be prepared to be stimulated, motivated, polarized and hungered for your special someone.  Consider this blog post a booster shot in the arm for the context of your intimate relationship with your lover.  If you're single, then let this be a motivator for your prowl this weekend!
Men... do you know what it means to "ravish" your woman?  Or ladies... has your man ever given you the experience of being ravished?  The YouTube video above that was uploaded by Theresa de Wolf is a good visual, and energetic representation of what it means to be ravished.
I believe it takes a conscious man with a relentless ability to love without expecting anything in return.  A man who is present to his woman's heart and knows what it means to show up for her in their intimacy together.  A man that is not threatened by his woman's emotions and indecision and who is able to "be with" both the darker and lighter side of her feminine essence.  OK... maybe even just being a good listener would do the trick in some relationships. :)
It also takes a woman that has a radiant heart wide open of love to and for her man, where she has the ability to totally surrender to her man's masculine presence in that moment.
The third entity, the relationship between them, needs to have a high level of trust, communication, care, and love.  It would also be very beneficial if the couple had an awareness around the art of Tantric Sex, where sex is about making love, deepening the connection between each other, and not being goal driven during the love making.
Check out what David Deida had to say in an interview with Common Ground magazine:
If you're not checking out Mr. Deida's website, reading his books, or listening to his audios, then I believe it's safe to assume you could easily give your relationship a super jolt of energy and life if you were to do so!
Men... one other quick word of advise if you want to up the energy level during your love making with your woman.  Next time, while in the act, silently tell yourself that this is potentially going to be the last time you will ever get to make love to your woman.  Hold that context... see what happens to you, to her, and to the quality of the overall experience.
If you are in a long term committed relationship, and want to learn more about Tantric Sex, I recommend clicking one or all of the following book images:
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And one more thing... don't forget to love yourself today!
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