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By TJ Dunhoft on 01/13/2019 1:06 PM

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​​This blog post may seem a bit late to the press considering that the Holidays are so yesterday, however, I've been so motivated to write a blog post on this I could hardly contain myself. This desire was amplified even more so when a Facebook friend of mine posted a request to his friends to help him understand the controversy that this song was posing. Specifically, why were some radio stations deciding to pull the plug on this song.
So... before I continue with this blog post, and my perspective, the following is a YouTube video including the lyrics of this song which was written by Frank Loesser in 1944 which was featured in the 1949 film: Neptune's Daughter winning the Oscar for best original song:
One of my favorite Christmas songs ever! To say I shared my friend's amazement and frustration was an understatement to say the least! Worse yet was the claim by said radio stations that these lyrics were seen by some as sexist and potentially ringing the date-rape warning bells!
It is my belief that this opinion, or, motivation to pull the plug on this song, is all about perspective without any regard to history.
This song was written in the 1940's. Things were way different then. I mean, let's face it. Birth control wasn't invented until the 1950's, and even then, not sold to the public in the US until the 60's. And that's a big deal... especially considering how some believe this was the birth of sexual freedom for women!
Relationships between men and women back then were still, for the large part, a cooperative. Today, they are certainly more a competitive comparatively speaking to 1944. A major contributing factor being that women, not only have more of a presence in the work place, but now, also in politics and upper management positions in corporate America. And that's a great thing too! However, the consequence seems to be, at least as far as I can tell, that men and women these days are more at odds in competition, rather than showing up together today as a team in cooperation. I'll save how I believe this is having a negative affect on romance, dating, and intimacies between men and women these days for another blog post perhaps, but it is indeed having and has had a major impact for the last 20-30 years, maybe more. I digress...
Choosing to take this song off the air is a great tragedy because it's doing so by way of inferring an incorrect context than what was originally intended during the songs inception. Sexual abuse is wrong, regardless of whether it was initiated by a man or a woman. Make no mistake about it! And there's also no excuse whatsoever for misogyny either. But there's nothing in the song implying that unless the listener is applying it to a personal experience, or worse yet, from a postmodern lens with a splash of identity politics.
For those that may take offense to this song, no one in my social circles seem to be, I'd encourage you to apply the correct context, which is love, a man pursuing a romantic interest, and playful courtship between a man and a woman. Oh... and might I add... she was playing hard to get! People had time for that shit back then. Wish it were still the case today!
OK... I feel much better now that I've got that off my chest. Before I go, I'd like to offer you another humorous version of this song on YouTube by "The Holderness Family":
Happy Holidays everyone! No wait! Scratch that crap!!! Merry Christmas everyone! ;o)
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