Helping men and women achieve and sustain love and family in their lives.
This website is a big part of that Life Purpose work. I dedicate a lot of my spare time and energy to the development of this website, creating content for it, men's empowerment work, and coaching.
A person can have many purposes in addition to their Life Purpose.  A Life Purpose doesn't have to be a full time gig, although it could be.  It can be something you work at part time and make a secondary source of income.  Maybe you're a yoga instructor, spinning class instructor, golf coach, or teacher of some type.  These are all examples of how we can  fulfill our Life Purpose and still have a normal everyday life outside of it.  The choice is yours!  And you may be lucky enough to make money doing it!
In my eBook, Life Purpose Discovery Guide, I provide everything you need so that you too can discover your Life Purpose.  In my experience, discovering my Life Purpose is what gave me the ability to be self-accepting, was the path back to being able to embrace and honor my masculinity, and be the man I've always wanted to be.
Both men and women can utilize my eBook to discover their Life Purpose.  Click on the following link to purchase and download your copy today!