My story

I’m just your average every day man in the world who has always seemed to have no clue when it comes to understanding what women want or desire in their men, and their romantic relationships with them.  For me, this was very troubling.  Women have always meant so much to me.  They are all I seem to think about, outside of my career and materialistic things that I have in my life.  And let’s face it, the career and my possessions are just a means to an end.  That those possessions are there due to my desire to have and attract a woman into my life for a long term committed (LTC) relationship with her.
I am happy to inform you that those days of "not knowing" are well behind me!  Once a person discovers what their true nature is as a man or a woman, their sexual essence or born disposition, it gives them the understanding of how to fulfill and satiate themselves as well as their intimate partner in their romantic relationship.  Or, if you're single and in the dating world, you will understand exactly how to attract the man or woman you've always dreamed of having into your life.  But more on that later!
I believe it's important to let you know that I am a masculine essence heterosexual male who is only able to realize his true gifts as a masculine man by being met my reciprocal, a feminine essence woman with her true gifts.  Masculine and feminine are energies that we all possess within us as men and women.  We each have an internal masculine pole and an internal feminine pole.  And we all have the ability to access the entire spectrum between those two poles.  Masculine and feminine are not necessarily gender based terms, but to be clear, I will often refer to the masculine as man and the feminine as woman.
I feel it's also important to let you know that I am able to honor everyone's sexuality and do not perceive homosexuality as a threat to my sexuality.  I believe the issues in this world regarding intimate relationships between men and women are deeply related to not being aware of what it means to have a masculine sexual essence or a feminine sexual essence and the importance of the natural sexual polarity between them.  I believe awareness around this information and technology gives you the ability to be more self-accepting, offer your energy in a way that fulfills and satiates you and your intimate partner in your relationship, and, if single, understand how to generate the correct context to attract the romantic intimate partner of your dreams.  But more on that information later!
Now may be a good time to let you know that I do NOT claim to be an expert on any of the material and content that I am providing on this website.  However, I can claim to be an expert on my life and its experience.  The information I am providing here has impacted my life in a very positive way.  It helped me to reclaim my masculinity.  It gave me the awareness and knowledge required to attract my feminine sexual essence reciprocal into my life.  And ultimately, it also helped me to achieve and sustain family and love in my life.  I believe sharing it with you is serving my life purpose, and by doing so, it may help you to do the same in your life.
I am aware that my message may not resonate with everyone who hears or reads it.  And all though that truth may be personally disappointing, and sometimes hard to swallow, I accept it.  I know that those who are meant to and are ready to receive this information, will.  And those that are not, won't.  I trust that my path will intersect with the hearts of those who have a similar yearning or pain that I once experienced.  It is in this new relationship between you and I that manifests the ability for me to serve my Life Purpose, and offers you the opportunity to heal and liberate yourself from the pain and yearning you've always suffered from.
I am a part-time coach, with a full-time job and career that I enjoy which is unrelated to the self-help and personal development industry.  My time is limited, so I will only personally coach those that I feel are ready and open to my coaching.  Are you aware of the cliché statement, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."  Well I believe this to be true.  I prefer to reach others with my message through the information on this website and the downloadable content I provide.  My personal coaching is very special to me and I want to reserve it for the clients that are truly ready, have a deep care and appreciation for women, and have the ability to dance in the moment with me while having a curious mind.
I have worked with many teachers, coaches, and mentors.  In person, phone calls, video chats, books, seminars, and digital downloads.  If I am able to point anyone in their direction so that they too can experience their love and wisdom as I have, then I will have accomplished what I have set out to do, which is to serve my Life Purpose.
Now seems like the appropriate time to share the part of me that I appreciate most about myself.  My spirituality, also known as my religion, or, the love and gratitude I have for my creator.  I'd like to begin by offering two of my favorite quotes by Sigmund Freud that I discovered in his book, Civilizations and Its Discontents:
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"He who possess science and art also has religion; but he who possess neither of those two, let him have religion."
"Religion is an illusion, a means of acquisition of happiness and protection from suffering."
I grew up in the Catholic Church where I was baptized as an infant.  Attended a Catholic School up until grade nine where I was an altar boy.  Took part in the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation, Reconciliation, and Marriage.  I also wanted to become a priest up until the sixth grade when I learned I'd never be able to indulge in a romantic relationship with a woman and the intimacies that come along with that type of relationship.  This was an absolute deal breaker for me!  I was baptized in a Baptist Church in my early twenties and in my mid-twenties I almost became a youth minister for a Christian Church located in Indianapolis, IN.
My experience with religion and my spirituality were greatly shaped during this time of my life.  I believe I simply out grew religion, but I didn't walk away and discard the valuable information and lessons from that time in my life, I kept them.  I no longer wanted to listen to what my fellow brothers and sisters, and the elders had to say about how I should believe according to them and their experience of God and their religion.  A voiceless voice within me wanted more, and I recognized a tremendous number of flaws and/or contradictions in some of the messages they provided, and my heart was often injured by the hypocrisy that can occur in a congregation.
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So, I decided to drop the doctrines and socialization, and do a deeper dive of my Self and my spirituality.  Again...  I didn't just throw away all the expereinces, lessons, moral values and ethics I had gained/learned as a young boy and a young man growing up in and around organized religion.  I just wanted to know more.  I was dealing with an effortless motivation that was being generated by my pain of yearning to discover what was true for me around my own personal relationship with my God.  I felt a deep desire to search for answers to the questions I had that were not answerable by others.  I wanted to know more.  I needed to know more.  It no longer felt true for me to go to church or worship my God out of a fear of going to a place known as hell.  I wanted to be able to rediscover my God from a place of love and gratitude.  The door to this place was opened through a book by Neale Donald Walsh called, Conversations With God.  This book changed my life and my relationship with my loving creator.  And it was so good to finally get to meet Her.
I believe it's important to let you know that I still believe in the power of The Church and its place in our society regarding the role it plays in developing ethics and important moral values in our young children.  I am truly grateful for my positive and negative experiences with organized religion.  Without them, it's safe to say, I wouldn't be the version of the man I am today that I absolutely love, and enjoy being.
My journey began 44 years ago on a warm summer evening in July of 1973, where I was born to a 16-year-old mother and a 17-year-old father.  I was surrounded by so much love.  I was the first born into both my mother’s side of the family, as well as my father’s.  Both of my grandmothers were present during the first three years of my life helping my mother and father take care of me.  My parents use to take me to their high school when they could not locate a babysitter so that they could finish their education.  One could say that I attended high school before ever attending grade school.
Because I was such a skinny person growing up and through college, I had was always dealing with a lack of confidence with girls.  I was often picked on for being so skinny and I never seemed to fit in with the in crowd during elementary and middle school.  I attended a catholic school during those years where I always felt like an outsider.  My freshman year of high school I chose to transfer into the public-school system and I felt I was welcomed with open arms.  I mixed and mingled with everyone.  The jocks, the nerds, the hoodlums, the geeks, the outsiders, and even the popular kids.  It felt wonderful!  Not everyone got along with each other, but my painful experience of knowing exactly how it felt to not fit it or be welcomed, served me well in making sure I was not going to let anyone feel that way around me.  These four years of mixing and mingling with everyone without judgement, in addition to a gift I was born with, my empathetic heart, really fueled a vibrant social life.
Even though my social life during those four years of high school were healthy and full, my confidence around my skinny frame, my wrong perception of what girls wanted in a boyfriend mixed with family related relationship karma, often resulted in me being friend zoned.  Or even worse, never being able to attract a girl I truly desired to be with.
Both of my parents had a rough and tough childhood where they each had to deal with disfunction.  I believe this disfunction was partly to blame for their marriage eventually ending in divorce when I was around the age of sixteen.  I recognized that they both truly loved each other very much, but they also fought like cats and dogs.  This observation, of a man and a woman loving each other, often more than life itself, and then seeming to never be able to get along, or end up in divorce was always disturbing to me.  I wanted to understand how two people who loved each other so much had the capacity to lash out at one another, or could also equally be motivated to cause emotional pain.  Or, like the case in my failed marriage, where a man and a woman loved each other dearly, but over time grew apart.  That is to say… we loved each other very much, but the passion, or the being in love with each other was long gone.  We were basically roommates because of the sexual polarity between us being so neutralized.  Not knowing how to resolve this fundamental issue made all the other issues seem to large and challenging to overcome.  And since we never had any children, it sadly made the decision for divorce seem like an easier solution.
I started to take notice that these issues were everywhere.  I would over hear people out in public discussing their problems and challenges in their romantic LTC’s or marriages.  My male friends, my female friends, my fellow employees at work, and of course, all my own relationships with women as well.  Men and women loving each other but never able to keep the spark alive, or perhaps, never being able to coexist with each other without what seemed to be constant confrontation.  This was my pain.  This was my yearning.  This is what lead me to discover my Life Purpose, which is, helping men and women achieve and sustain family and love in their lives.
It’s fair to say that I have been indirectly searching for the first 35 years of my life, and directly searching for the past 9 years of my life for answers to the following questions:
Why is it that men and women can’t seem to get along in this world even if they truly love each other?
Why do women seem to ask for their men to make them the center of their universe, and then when he does, their attraction and love evaporate into resentment and/or the need for space between him and her?
What causes the passion, or the spark, or the life of the relationship to fade or evaporate in a relationship between a man and a woman over time?
What do women truly want in a man?  What are women attracted to in men?
Why is it that I can control everything about my life?  My diet.  The car I drive.  My education.  My profession.  The clothing I where. But why does it seem that I am I not able to choose who I fall in love with or when I fall in love?
What is it about a man who is a jerk that women seem to fall for?
Why was I told “Happy Wife – Happy Life”!?  I’m here to tell you that shit doesn’t work!
In addition to sitting without distractions in the pain and yearning of those question, as well as the childhood wounding of my parents nasty and difficult divorce, I am happy to tell you that I believe I have all the answers!  Through my own short comings, perceived injustices, or negative occurrences and events.  Hard work.  Doors opened and closed.  Being a Sterling Institute of Relationship Men's Weekend graduate.  Membership and participation on two Men's Teams.  Living life in the ups and downs of the dating world.  Working with numerous life, dating, and intimacy coaches.  Working in the pick-up industry.  Taking a nine-day Vision Quest in Colorado on The Continental Divide.  Interviewing men and women in everyday life.  Reading hundreds of books on the subject matter of pick-up, female sexuality, psychology, relationships, self-help and personal development, and attending numerous seminars.  Consulting, coaching and troubleshooting with men and their issues with women on number of private social media websites.  Coaching men directly and indirectly. And finally, graduating from a Co-Active Coaching educational program by Coaching Training Institute (CTI) where I am currently working on my certification. I’ve also taken a fundamentals class from CRR Global, which is an organizational and relationship systems coaching program I plan on completing as well.
So how can I help, and serve my Life Purpose as a Men's Coach?  I’m glad you asked!
If you’re a man, regardless of your age, who is in the throes of the dating world who could use some assistance with attracting your feminine sexual essence reciprocal, then I can help you.
Maybe you’re a man in the fight of his life.  That is; your wife is unhappy, you may or may not have attended marriage counselling together, and things just aren’t working.  You're about to lose your wife and live in a world of joint custody with your children.  I can help you win her back!
Maybe, like I use to be, you’ve never really been very successful with women and you just need some perspective and information on how to start being the man you’ve always wanted to be.  And, at the same time, attract the woman of your dreams on to your path and into your life.
Maybe you're tired of and frustrated with the whole dating scene and have given up totally on the pick-up industry and its message of... "You just have to be confident.", "Be an Alpha Male!", "Act like you don't care.", or my personal favorite, "Peacocking by dressing silly and acting even sillier!"
In any case, if you're a man in pain or yearning, and you can truly prove to me that you appreciate and respect women, I believe I can help you.  Send me an e-mail today to setup your Right-Fit Appointment so that we can discover if we are a Right-Fit to work together.  The cost of this session is on me!
The goal of our work together is empowering you to reclaim your masculinity.  To be the leader you were born to be for your family, your community, your country, and your world.  To discover your life purpose and be the man you were always meant to be in our world.  My Life Purpose is helping men and women achieve and sustain family and love in their lives.
Before I go, I’d just like to add that in my recognition of truly wanting to serve women, but not being able to directly, I choose to honor them by restoring the masculinity in the masculine.  Helping to create a version of a man who knows who he is, what he wants, and where he is going.  A man that is not afraid of a woman’s beauty, and is not reeking of approval seeking or pleasure-seeking energy.  A man that is not outcome dependent with women.  A man that is comfortable in his own skin who can approach a woman to just say “hello, my name is…  What’s yours?” and genuinely just want to learn more about her.  A man, from a place of love and care who is more genuinely and compassionately interested in her respect than he is her approval.
The time of the macho jerk and submissive house wife are long gone.  All though the new roommate/business relationship we have with each other as men and women in a romantic relationship is a safe one, we can also say it's a very boring, tasteless, passionless, unfulfilling, unsatiating existence.  Now is the time to take ourselves and our intimate relationships with each other to the next level.  Will you join me on my quest for restoring family and love in our lives and our world?  I'm ready for change... are you?