Life Purpose Program - The Hero's Journey
I believe the path back to a man's masculinity, his ability to bring masculine presence to his life and his lover, which also happens to be the most attractive quality to the feminine, is him knowing what his Life Purpose is and serving it. A man having awareness around his Life Purpose enables him to be focused, motivated, directional, and none needy. All qualities that attract and resonate deeply with the feminine.  For her, being with a man who is directional, focused, assertive... knows who he is, what he wants, and where he is going, allows the her to deeply relax in her feminine essence and flow. She can totally surrender to his plan of direction, especially if she identifies with his Life Purpose, and also has a Life Purpose of her own.
According to David Deida, the feminine's deepest desire is to give and receive love, and the masculine's deepest desire is to discover its purpose. The masculine offers his gifts of direction, solution offering love, and his unique ability to focus in trade for the feminine's gifts of infinite wisdom, devotional love and nurturement. Together they can travel and navigate the cosmos. Sexually polarized for another. Each offering their gifts to one another allowing them to experience themselves and each other fully. Resulting in total fulfillment, and the experience of being satiated in their intimate relationship with one another.
It's very important to realize that a man serving his life purpose is super attractive to the feminine. For some women, it is what originally attracted them to their man in the first place. It's also very important that he realizes that he must not be distracted by her beauty and love.  If he allows her beauty and love to take him off his path of purpose, redirecting all of his focus and attention on her, making her the new center of his universe, her love and attraction often will be redirected into resentment. She will soon feel in her heart that she needs space from him and the relationship. This is why it's so important to be very careful not to do this as it will motivate your woman to require space from you in the relationship.  More likely than not, she will not even understand why she now feels this way and will become very confused as to why her love and attraction has now transformed into resentment. I'll help you to prevent this from happening to you and your relationship!
Knowing what my Life Purpose is and serving it, gave me the ability to feel comfortable in my own skin. It brings an effortless sense of confidence to my life. It gave me swagger. It gave me the ability to not be so concerned about being in a romantic relationship with a woman. Don't get me wrong. I truly adore women, and absolutely want to share a life with one, but I no longer sought out a woman in a romantic relationship to "complete me". I know who I am, what I want, and where I am going.  And with that direction and focus, I am rock solid as a man, regardless if a woman chooses to stay with me or go her own way. I know I have my Life Purpose, my sense of self, and true ownership of who I am as a man. I'm not claiming that her choosing to leave me wouldn't cause disappointment and pain. That will certainly still be true. But no longer am I left with a sense of emptiness, or a lack of motivation to continue on my path. in my life. I have my Life Purpose. I know what needs to be accomplished before I leave this earth. I give myself time to heal in her absence. Then fully recenter and realign myself around my true intentions and integrity regarding my Life Purpose work as a man.
I first learned about the value of a man having a Life Purpose by reading the book Open Her: Activate 7 Masculine powers to Arouse Your Woman's Love & Desire, by Karen Brody. This book is one of my top five favorite books of all time. Experiencing my pain of not being seen by the feminine motivated me to read this book. Karen's book taught me the importance and reward for knowing or discovering my Life Purpose. It was also in her book where I first learned about a Vision Quest. Her book motivated me to take a Vision Quest even though I had no prior camping or hiking experience. I felt deeply that it must be accomplished at all cost. Because to me, the prize for accomplishing it was greater than my fear of serious physical injury, or worse, losing my life during it.
Karen's book was very influential in my understanding of how to reclaim my masculinity. So much so, that I reached out to her personally to express my gratitude for her and her work. I first sent her an e-mail, and then we were able to connect via phone. It was during our phone conversation that I discovered that Karen was also a relationship and intimacy coach for men. I hired her on the spot! And the results of working with Karen were game changing for me. I felt I had a better understanding and perspective on how to relate to, and honor women. Having Karen as a personal relationship coach continues to have such a wonderful impact on all my relationships in my life. I believe Karen's impact on me will also be felt by the men I choose to work with today, and will work with in the future.  If you're interested in working with Karen Brody directly, I have provided an embedded link to her website.  You can reach her and her website by clicking on her name listed after her book title above. I highly recommend, at a minimum, you check out her website. If you don't read her book, I believe you're putting yourself at a serious disadvantage if you truly want to discover how to relate to and honor the feminine.
In addition to Karen being one of my personal coaches, I also hired her to assist me with the creation of my Life Purpose program, The Hero's Journey. Karen's coaching experience, being such a talented writer, and the offering of her feminine perspective and energy, all contribute to the experience of making my Life Purpose program resonate deeply with the men I choose to work with.
I believe that I bring something very different to the industry of self-help and personal development as a coach. It is through my life experiences. Working with personal life and relationship coaches. Extensive research on the information concerning masculine/feminine essences, sexual polarity, intimacy, dating, and life purpose discovery. And the experience of going to and through a nine-day Vision Quest. This provides the much-needed competency and effortless confidence required to be able to efficiently work with other men so that they too can discover their Life Purpose.
If you have felt that there was something missing but couldn't quite put your finger on it, I can help you discover the source of that pain and yearning. I can teach you how to utilize that pain of yearning so that it serves you rather than injures you.
If you procrastinate from taking action in your life to achieve a goal you've set for yourself. I can help!
Maybe you've accomplished a career, life, or relationship goal, and yet, you still have the experience of not being totally fulfilled or satiated by this accomplishment. I can help you discover why!
Maybe your life experience is bland, tasteless, or even worse, boring. You and I can change that by starting you down the path of discovering your Life Purpose!
Those are just some of the many ways you may feel motivated to work with me so that you can discover your Life Purpose.  Now... In additional to what I've already explained, I'd like to share with you a few more benefits and advantages you will experience from knowing what your Life Purpose is:
The experience of being highly motivated and engaged. Having energy, being resilient and having focus.
Not being easily discouraged by failure, the ability t0 bounce back very easily, and less likely to take things personally.
A sense that life flows, a feeling of being supported by the universe, and a true sense of, everything happens for a reason.
Sleep can become effortless. For me, falling asleep is no longer an issue because knowing my life purpose and walking on its path allows me to die into my sleep each night. The sleep is sounder, and I no longer require eight hours of it, or feel I need a minimum to have a more productive day after. Because my sleep is sounder and I'm truly on my path of Life Purpose, I wake up feeling more energized, having a pep in my step to continue serving my life purpose.
My experience of discovering my life purpose also gave me the ability to no longer play the victim in my life. Looking back on the history of my life, reviewing what I perceived to be an injustice, negative occurrence, or all the "bad stuff" that “happened to” me... I soon realized, or recognized, that those occurrences were either “lessons” I needed to experience and learn to be able to heal or liberate the men and women who were suffering from similar occurrences in their lives. Meaning it was happening for me rather than to me, fueling and empowering my Life Purpose. Or... these occurrences were happening in my life so that they could bounce me back onto my path of Life Purpose.
Once I had truly discovered my Life Purpose, I had a sense that The Universe had been standing there all along, tapping its foot, looking at me like, "It's about time! Sit down. Stay quiet. We have a lot of catching up to do! Know that I lovingly have your back. Always have and always will. Just trust the process TJ!" So that's what I've been doing! I can tell you that life became incredibly synchronistic. Things began showing up in my life effortlessly. As a matter of fact, any time I experience a negative judgement, perception of loss, and/or injustice in my life, I now get excited because I know that that perceived loss is a cleaning out of something I no longer want, desire or that serves me in my life. And... the loss is the action required to make room for what I want to show up in my life. No longer am I the victim in my own life. Now I know that life is happing "for" me rather than "to" me. If this is something you desire to be true for you as well, then send me an e-mail to setup your Right-Fit Appointment today. Let's see if you and I can work together. Your future-self will be so appreciative that you did!
The way to hire me as your Life Purpose Coach is by first purchasing my Life Purpose Discovery eBook. This eBook will educate you about Life Purpose and get you to a point where you are coachable. It is also our map that helps us manage time, direction, and duration of the Life Purpose program.
I can't guarantee that you will discover your life purpose while working together. However, I can guarantee that you will be well on your path of discovering it during and after our working relationship comes to an end. As a matter of fact, I believe it's safe to say that you will also be very well prepared to take your own Vision Quest if you so choose to do so. More information is available about embarking on a Vision Quest, also known as The Hero's Journey, by clicking on the Vision Quest link at the top of the page on this website!
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