Life Coaching is working with a client, a "Coachie", in a partnership to achieve the coachie's goals.  Their goals can be professional, dietary, personal growth & development, relationship, dating, financial... the list really could go on and on.  Life coaching can be all encompassing, but many of us coaches have a subject matter or topic that we focus on.  For me that really starts with being a Life Purpose Coach, and then I also provide other types of coaching which relate to my Life Purpose work.
My Life Purpose is helping men and women achieve and sustain family and love in their lives.  Everything in my coaching and on this website are extensions to that core of my Life Purpose.
As a Co-Active Coach, my role in the relationship with a coachie is to help them achieve their goals.  There are a number of different exercises, techniques, and visualization that can be utilized to get them out of a perspective that has them stuck, and into a perspective that gets them taking action towards achieving that goal.
Coaching involves listening, paying attention to your intuition, having a curious mind, being able to dance in the moment, asking great open ended questions, patience, and a good self-management muscle.  We believe that each client is creative resourceful, and whole, and our main job is to evoke transformation.
My work centers around empowering men to honor their masculinity.  We work to eliminate approval and pleasure seeking energy from your context as a man, break your habit of being outcome dependent, and we work to modify your outward validation to an inward validation.
By working together you will understand how to view life through the lens of an abundant mindset rather than one of a scarcity mindset.
No longer will you use the presence of female energy in your life to validate yourself as a man, or as a means to experience your masculinity.
All of my coaching starts with the purchase of one of my eBooks.  A coaching link will be provided at the end of the eBook where you can hire me as a coach and schedule your first appointment.
The Life Coaching starts with the Life Coaching eBook.  Download it today.  Work through the eBook.  And then schedule a coaching call if you need additional help.  Our first call will be a "Right Fit" coaching call where we both interview each other to see if we will be a good fit.
So what are you waiting for!?  Click on the link below to be taken to the Life Coaching eBook product download:
I have another option that you can take advantage of to work with me. The following is a link to a 45 minute coaching call that I refer to as a RightFit consultation.  It's a consultation session where we both get to interview each other.  I get to determine if I want to work with you, and, you get to determine if you want to work with me.  I do NOT try to sell you during this consultation.  The best part of this consultation session is that I cover the cost!  If we decide to work together, you will get the desired eBook or Guide as part of the purchase price for the coaching session.  Click on the following Logo to schedule your RightFit session with me today!
RightFit Consulttion Scheduling Link