I've dedicated this section of the website to explaining a little bit about what coaching is and what it is not.  I'm going to share with you how I became a coach and how to work with me.  Hopefully after you've read through this page you will know what coaching is, how to become a coach, and how we can work together so that you can achieve your personal goals.
How I became a coach...
I wasn't conscious to coaching, or that there was an industry for it, until I leaned about it on my Vision Quest.  It was during one of our counsel meetings that one of the men in my circle mentioned that I should look into coaching after he heard about my desire to empower men.  This man became my accountability partner who I was to stay in contact with after leaving The Rocky Mountains of Colorado, so that he could hold me accountable around researching The Coaches Training Institute, also known as CTI.  I did more than research it, I became a coach!
The CTI five class program; Fundamentals, Fulfillment, Balance, Process, and Synergy, was a very similar experience regarding the personal growth and development I had achieved while on my Vision Quest in Colorado.  It was like I embarked on a small Vision Quest, minus the mountains and wilderness, and it being in an air conditioned hotel conference room in Atlanta, GA.  I can tell you that even if I did not pursue a part time coaching career, the classes themselves were well worth the investment in myself and my quality of life.  I highly recommend these classes to anyone who may be considering taking them.  You will not regret the decision and investment!
You can do a little research on your own by clicking your way over to the CTI website:
CTI Web Link
Coaching versus Therapy
One of the most popular questions I get asked is, "What is the difference between coaching and therapy?"
Coaching focuses on evolving and manifesting potential.  Therapy focuses on healing and understanding.
Coaching is action and being oriented,  Therapy is insight oriented.
Coaching is solution oriented.  Therapy is problem oriented.
Coaching does not diagnose or treat.  Therapy diagnoses and treats.
Coaching has an emphasis on present and future.  Therapy has an emphasis on past and present.
Those are just a few of many differences that I thought would help a person better distinguish the differences between a Coach and a Therapist.
It should be acknowledged that the difference between some types of therapy and personal coaching aren't always clear-cut.  many therapists are "coach-like" in their orientations and the two do share some common ground.
Both Disciplines can be working with fully functioning individuals/couples who are facing difficult situations.  Both professions focus on helping people make changes and accomplish goals that really matter to them.
How to work with me...
I prefer to work with client's who have purchased one of my downloadable products and wish to be coached around the subject matter.  At the end of each eBook, there is a link to get additional help and coaching.  This link takes them directly to my Aquity Scheduling app where they can select an available time slot, complete an intake form/package, and then pay for the coaching.  Coaching sessions are available after business hours on weeknights, and the majority of the day on Saturday.  I take Sunday's off so that I can relax, recharge, and plan the following week accordingly. 
I have found that coaching this way gives us a road map.  A start and a finish point with the ability for each of us to recognize exactly where we are in the coaching program at any given moment.
If you've read through one of my eBooks and have a motivation to learn more, or go deeper with the content, then click on that link coaching link and schedule your session today!
I have one more option for you if you would like to work with me.  The following is a link to a 45 minute coaching call that I refer to as a RightFit consultation.  It's a consultation session where we both get to interview each other.  I get to determine if I want to work with you, and, you get to determine if you want to work with me.  I do NOT try to sell you during this consultation.  The best part of this consultation session is that I cover the cost!  If we decide to work together, you will get the desired eBook or Guide as part of the purchase price for the coaching session.  Click on the following Logo to schedule your RightFit session with me today!